BiH Need to Show that they Want the Country to Move Forward

The EU continues to provide advice and support at meetings, but the final decision rests on the institutions and leaders of BiH, announced the EU Delegation to BiH to FENA in a request for a comment on the talks with representatives of BiH political parties regarding the implementation of the “Sejdić-Finci” ruling.

“The outcome of the entire process will send a message to the EU, but also to citizens of BiH whether BiH leaders really want the country to move forward’’, said the EU Delegation.

Talks with representatives of BiH political parties began at the beginning of February, accompanied by a warning that failure to implement the ruling is the main obstacle to achieving progress on the road to EU integration. As long as the BiH Constitution is not in line with the ruling, there is no way that BiH could continue along the EU path.

The deadline for which the talks could result in a ‘credible application’ to the EU is the end of March.

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