Marking the Day of Independence of BiH in Sweden and Turkey

On the occasion of Day of Independence of BiH, APU Network of BiH scholars, businessmen and artists who live in Sweden, will organise a celebration the Day of Independence of BiH  on 9 March in Stockholm under the motto ”We are BiH too”.

APO Network said that they want to send clear signal to their homeland, that one part of BiH is there in Stockholm, Sweden and that BiH Diaspora does not want to be just a part of BiH history, but a part of BiH future.

The guest of honour of the event are going to be BiH ambassador in Sweden Jadranka Kalmeta, businessman Zlatan Bajrić, Amir Hadd, pre-war immigrant from BiH, Indira Alikafić businessmen and member of charity organisation ”Naša Djeca- Våra Barn”.

The guest will be entertained by old town songs in interpretation of Enes Žiga and Bianca Muratagić, with the poetry reading by Haris Grabovac.

APU Network calls all citizens of BiH in Sweden to join them in celebrating one of the most important dates in BiH history.

Day of Independence of BiH was marked in the premises of Istanbul Trade University on Sunday, 3 March.

The program was prepared by the ”Association of Bosniak Youth of Istanbul” and many students from former Yugoslavia, representatives of Turkish authorities and other attended the program.

President of the association Vedad Halilović said that only if the society knows its history it can know something about itself.

”Aman without memories and knowledge about himself is a man without an aim, and in the same way the society without its memories and knowledge about itself is the society with an aim”, said Halilović.

The guests were greeted by general consul of BiH in Turkey Hrvoje Kanta who noted the unbreakable bond between BiH and Turkey.

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