BiH positively surprised: How much more Men earn than Women?

woman employmentThe difference in the amount of salaries between men and women still exists, and it is becoming a global problem.

Women earn an average of 2 – 11 % less than men in the same position in the Middle Eastern countries of Europe. These differences could be overcome if women would be more assertive in initiating debates on the amount of their salary on their current job and if they would negotiate on salary each time they search for a new job, according to an analysis in which participated Kolektiv – Posao.ba on behalf of BiH.

Summing up the average monthly earnings of men and women in all Middle Eastern countries of Europe, the research found that the differences in salaries are even more pronounced when compared to the concrete working position. Women generally earn 9-24 % less than men. It is generally believed that women work more in sectors and positions that generally earn less money. Women have more career breaks and they are under-represented in executive management positions compared to their male colleagues.

Although BiH is not at the very top of the list of countries in Central and Eastern Europe that pay work of men more in relation to the work of women, however, women in BiH earn 4 % less than men in the same position. Thus, inequality based just on gender exists in BiH.

โ€œWe must not ignore the extent of barriers that women are facing in the labor market. The problems that women are facing at work are numerous, and it is not only about lowered salaries that they receive in comparison to men, or lack of support for childcare at work. It is necessary to resolve these problems step by step because women are vital part of the workforce, and it is unfair to favor men when it comes to salaries for their work just because they are better negotiators – particularly if negotiation is not a criterion for the job,โ€ said Samra Dedic, the expert on employment and the labor market in the company Kolektiv (Posao.ba).

(Source: faktor.ba)



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