BiH Presidency Member Komsic sent a Congratulatory Message to Biden

Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zeljko Komsic sent a congratulatory message to the US President Joe Biden on the occasion of Independence Day, saying that July 4 is an example of the fight for the idea of ​​a free and civil society.

Komsic reminded that the Declaration of Independence still serves as an example of the vision and fight for that idea, of a free society with citizens who enjoy equal rights.

“I would like to especially thank you on this great holiday for all the help you have provided to Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the perseverance to bring part of that idea of ​​a civic, just society that you believe, to our country. You have shown to be our sincere friends many times, and I hope for even stronger cooperation between our two countries,” wrote Komsic.

With sincere congratulations, Komsic, on behalf of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, expressed his wishes that the United States of America would courageously continue on its path to freedom and prosperity.

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