BIHAMK: Traffic Operating in BiH slower due to Snowfall

snowTraffic on road sections in central part of BiH is slowed this morning due to the snow on the road.

We should specially mention the section of the motorway A-1 Tarcin-Josanica, where the speed is limited to 80 km / h, as well as the main roads Sarajevo-Foca, Sarajevo-Olovo, Kiseljak-Kaonik, Gornji Vakuf-Prozor and Bugojno-Travnik.

Due to the low temperatures, sporadic ice is possible as well. Especially emphasized are the roads in higher mountain regions, as well as bridges and tunnels entrances.

Drivers are warned on strong wind in the roads in southern and southwestern regions. Visibility is reduced on the road Bihac-Bosanska Krupa-Bosanska Otoka due to fog. Special attention is drawn to possible landslides on the roadway on sections that pass through cuts.

Works on the territory of Croatia are still present at border crossings Bosanski Brod-Slavonski Brod and Orasje-Zupanja, so that traffic will be slowed at these border crossings throughout the day. Retention time on other border crossings is no longer than 30 minutes.

Shorter retentions are present at sections where repair works are taking place. These are following roads: M-17 Zepce-Nemila, M-6 Capljina-Studenci, M-18 Tuzla-Priboj and R-414 Turbe-Banja Luka, as announced from the BIHAMK.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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