BiH’s Council of Ministers to discuss Situation with Migrants and BiH Intelligence and Security Agency’s Work

Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) will be discussing the Information and Comprehensive Plan of Measures and Activities to address the increased influx of migrants to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the session on Monday, ministers will discuss the Information on the State of Migration in BiH as well as the Proposal of the Agreement on Assistance and Operational Cooperation in Border Control.

The Agenda should include, among other things, the BiH Intelligence and Security Agency’s Work Report for 2018.

The Information on the Proposal of Decision on Adoption of the Plan on Labor Market Policy Guidelines and Active Employment Measures in BiH for 2019, as well as Information on the Implementation of the Defense Review Implementation Plan and the Action Plan for the Implementation of the BiH Armed Forces Development and Modernization Plan 2017–2027 will also be one of the items to be discussed.

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