Bijambare attract Tourists and Students with their natural Beauty

bijambare2Protected landscape Bijambare record an increase in the number of visitors to this attractive location every year. A total of 4,054 visitors were registered in the first three months of this year, which is a good number considering the season.

“The new season already started, the cave is opened as well as all other facilities. We have a large number of tourists that are coming from all over the world every year. Most of them are delighted by nature itself, as well as the area with what it offers. The cave, promenade, tourist train – they like all of that. We are very satisfied with the number of visits,” said Mustafa Zvizdic, senior associate for promotion and marketing.

Bijambare have a large offer for their visitors, including hiking and biking trails, possibilities to rent bikes, the opportunity to explore beautiful nature, ride in a tourist train, rest and refreshment in a cozy mountain house.

However, the biggest attraction is Bijambare cave, which is very rich in cave ornaments (stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, pillars etc), and all of its almost 400 meters are opened to visitors. It consists of four corridors, and the largest one of them is called the “concert hall”. In the Upper Bijambare cave were found remains of a cave man, tools for processing of stone as well as remains of some animals.

Besides these attractions, on the area of Bijambare is also located the necropolis of stecak tombstones “Mramorje”, the protected historical site, which is a valuable testimony of continuity of BiH. You can also find here the education and information center and a restaurant with a large offer, which is managed by the Student Center in Sarajevo.

The middle Bijambare cave represents a special geological reserve, while the Upper Bijambare cave is a paleontological monument of nature. There is a total of eight caves in this area.

Bijambare were declared as the protected area on September 25, 2003.

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