Biotechnical Faculty in Bihać Will Receive a Botanical Garden

Botanick Basta, Kolasin MontenegroThe Biotechnical Faculty in Bihać started yesterday the official works on a project for a botanical garden.

Teachers, students, representatives of the Bihać University, and cantonal and municipal governments attended the ceremony. They said that they decided to start this because in BiH there exists only one botanical garden within the complex of the National Museum in Sarajevo. The botanical garden is located on the campus of the Biotechnical Faculty, on the premises of the former “Grmeč” barracks, which will take up 10 hectares of area and will preserve, propagate and reproduce rare and endangered plant species.

“The need to establish gardens arose primarily from the education of students at the Biotechnical Faculty, as well as other related faculties, then elementary and secondary schools, scientific research, collection of plant species, preservation of the existing gene pool of native species, and the protection of endangered and rare plant species in this area’’, said the Project Manager Dr. Azra Bećiraj.

“In addition to scientific contributions, the importance of the project is that this garden will serve as a tourist destination in Bihać, which would contribute to better tourist offers’’, said the Dean of the Biotechnical Faculty Professor Dr. Halid Bihać Makić.

The total worth of the project is over 20.700 KM, of which 10.000 is provided by municipality Bihać, 5.000 KM each from the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Mining of the Una-Sana Canton and the Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts.

(Source: ekpaija.com)

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