Bosnia declares Two New National Monuments

The Commission for Preservation of National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina held a session yesterday, at which it was decided that our country will receive two new national monuments.

Thus, the chairman of the Commission, Radoje Vidovic, and the members, Goran Milojevic and prof. dr. Amir Pasic decided that the new national monuments will be the architectural ensemble – the town mosque in Travnik and the site and remains of the architectural ensemble – Vanek’s mill in Bijeljina, Radio Sarajevo writes.

According to the statement, members of the Commission adopted amendments to several earlier decisions for the following national monuments.

The changes refer to the categorization and redefining of protection measures in accordance with the current state of several assets, namely: Hadzimuratović Daira (Velika Daira) in Sarajevo; Cathedral (Cathedral-Church of the Heart of Jesus) in Sarajevo; Damic House in Radiceva Street No. 10 in Sarajevo; Mramorje in the hamlet of Raonici, Kaostice, Visegrad municipality; Bank on the Coast of Miljacka River (former Austro-Hungarian Bank Branch Building) in Sarajevo; Alifakovac cemetery complex in Sarajevo, and movable property – Sarajevo Haggadah.

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