IGC: Together we can stop the Crime of Holocaust and Genocide Denial

Institute for Research of Genocide Canada {IGC} on the International Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust remembers Holocaust victims, victims of genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina and all the victims of all war crimes in the world.

The twentieth century was marked by a monstrous inhuman desire to exterminate the entire national, ethnic, racial or religious group, to prevent biological, cultural, social and environmental survival.

From the Nazi Holocaust, humanity still has the ability to learn a historical lesson and message, and to ensure a better future. Although the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina, generated by the Serbian and Croatian Nazism, who have used the bones of murder victims to inaugurate genocidal in the single state and social tissue of the Bosnian, is displayed tremendous negative experience.

Therefore, today more than ever, when crimes against humanity and international law exist in the world, it is necessary to form and strengthen the historical consciousness of the Holocaust, the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina and genocide in the world, which requires us to preserve the memory of the victims as well as to prosecute all those responsible for horrific crimes.

In particular, we stress that the most heinous of all crimes is a crime of denial against humanity, war crimes and the Holocaust and genocide.

In addition to the Holocaust, which must be permanent subject of scientific research, the crime of genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina also deserves special attention. Its planners, commanders and perpetrators are identifying d and determining the entire human groups for extinction. Therefore, the sacred task of intellectuals and responsibility of researchers is to scientifically investigate genocide and other forms of crimes against humanity and international law, which is based on truth and justice. With a solid foundation of truth and justice, there will come a narrowing of the maximum space for potential falsification, manipulation and lies. Against those who glorify and deny the Holocaust and genocide, we need to fight them by all means, letting them know that this evil will not be tolerated.

Together we can stop the crime of Holocaust denial and genocide and in this way we can send a clear message to victims that they are not alone in the struggle to prove the obvious and undeniable truth about their suffering.

The truth about the Holocaust and genocides must be fathomed. Justice for victims of the Holocaust and genocide must be satisfied.

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