Bosnia records Increase in Fuel Prices

Fuel prices at gas stations across Bosnia and Herzegovina have been rising again in the last few days, so that at some gas stations they are more than five to seven pfennigs per liter.

At a gas station in Banja Luka, they point out that a few days ago, gasoline cost 1.74 BAM, and its current price is 1.81 BAM per liter. “Diesel used to cost 1.76 BAM, and now it is necessary to pay 1.83 BAM for a liter of this fuel. In the previous five or six days, the price of fuel increased by an average of five to seven pfennigs,” they say at one of Banja Luka’s gas stations.

Unlike Banja Luka, at gas stations in Bijeljina, fuel prices are still lower, so that a liter of gasoline costs 1.64 BAM, and diesel 1.67 BAM.

In Federation of BiH, they point out that there has been an increase in prices and they are different from the pump to pump, so at some gas stations diesel costs 1.71 BAM, while at others even 1.99 BAM.

Dragan Trišić, the president of the Group for trade in oil and oil derivatives of the Chamber of Commerce of Republika Srpska, confirmed for “Nezavisne” that there was an increase in prices at gas stations by an average of five to seven pfennigs.

“Prices will not rise further and that is important for businessmen and citizens of Srpska during the upcoming holidays. Of course, world events can be a factor of price instability, and they concern stock exchange goods, but I think that the oil sector has enough stocks to disrupt possible it regulates the market or shortage in such a way that there are no major changes in sales prices, “Trisic said.

He adds that he is sure that in the next period there will be no increase in fuel prices in Srpska, but also in FBiH. “Oil prices in RS are the lowest in the region, and they are lower in relation to FBiH by five to ten pfennigs, which is certainly important for our consumers,” Trisic explained.

He added that current fuel prices will be in effect for the next 15 days.

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