Bosnian broke another Guinness World Record

Ibro Basaric Bisi from Capljina broke Guinness record in riding a bike on the rear wheel. Basaric passed the 100-meter long path in 10.63 seconds, with which he broke the previous record of 10.89 seconds.

The event of record breaking was attended by football legend Meho Kodro, as well as the Mayor of Capljina, Smiljan Vidic.

“This is it. I am really happy with the ride and the time. I think that it is possible to save maybe another 10 seconds and this story will be closed then,” said Ibro Basaric Bisi, who also thanked all the sponsors, especially those from Capljina.

Basaric said that he has been thinking about some other bicycle records, but much more effort is needed for organization and preparation of them.

Meho Kodro, a football legend from Herzegovina and an official time referee at this event, was proud of the success that Basaric recorded.

“This is a really unique event, I am proud of Ibro. I never had any doubt that he will be able to achieve it,” said Kodro.

The Mayor of Capljina, Smiljan Vidic, was also happy with the fact that Capljina now has a world recorder as well.

Several hundred people from Capljina, Ibro’s friends and neighbours, as well as tourists who came to this town, attended this fun event.

(Source: R. D./Klix.ba)

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