New Information System with Voice Guidelines for Public Transportation

Centrotrans Information System novovrijeme.baThe Master Semir Šakanović and his team (Sabahudin Vrtagić, Jasmin Kevrić, Sead Banda, Hadi Nourallah), together with the company Centrotrans Eurolines, developed a information system which will significantly improve the quality of public transportation in Sarajevo.

The system will be of great use for tourists who are visiting Sarajevo for the first time, and Centrotrans Eurolines is the first company to implement the mentioned system at the territory of the City of Sarajevo.

Author of the mentioned system, Semir Šakanovič, points out that the system also helps the company to get relevant and current information on mileage, fuel consumption etc.

“Centrotrans information system consists of hand-made hardware for control of the system and displays. GPS is connected with our hardware which sends GPS coordinates via 3G network to our map shown on the display. Also, via 3G network the hardware displays the latest/most current news on the display, as well as date and time, temperatures and, what is most important in real time, it displays the next station and the station after that one. In English language, it looks like this (Next: Marijin Dvor, After: Skenderija). All of this is followed by voice guidelines, thus our citizens as well as tourists can wherever and whenever hear on which station they currently are and which station is coming next, without distracting the driver with those inquiries. Moreover, the entire system is connected with the control center from which we can control all systems and displays at any time,” Šakanović stated.

The most important characteristics of this new system are the map of bus stations accompanied by voice guidelines, the latest news, no interference with the driver during driving, and a great advantage for tourists.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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