Bosnian Football Clubs gave Ultimatum to Football Association

footballWorking meeting of representatives of eight football teams of the First League of the FBiH was held at the Hotel “Park” in Vogosca, as announced from FC Travnik. The meeting was attended by representatives of FC Travnik, FC Rudar Kakanj, FC Bosna Sema, FC Rudar Gabela, FC Bratstvo, FC Velez, FC Radnicki Lukavac and FC Bosna Visoko.

Clubs doubt in the regularity of the competition and urge the Football Association of FBiH to “examine the current events that took place in this season.” The seriousness of the situation is shown by the fact that 8 of 16 league clubs attended the meeting.

“The main goal of this meeting was the establishment of the Association of clubs of the FBiH, which was unanimously adopted at the beginning of the meeting and gathering of Constituent Assembly of the Association was agreed as well as to invite other clubs to join the Association. During the meeting, they talked about the regularity of the competition, the referee commission, and finding a way for more fair competition by the end of this season. It was particularly noted that in the previous period were recorded a series of huge referee mistakes at the expense of all teams that are competing in the first league of the FBiH,” as said in the statement.

Representatives of the clubs submitted their requests to the Football Association of the FBiH. In case that they refuse their demands, the clubs are threatening to boycott the 23rd round of the First League of the FBiH.

“On this occasion, we agreed to invite the leaders of the Football Association of the FBiH to investigate the previous events in this season as soon as possible, with special emphasis on the football matches that were played in the second part of the season. The representatives of clubs who attended this meeting made unique requirements for the Football Association of the FBiH:

  1. Replacement of the Commission for Referees at the Football Association of the FBiH.
  2. Suspensions of referees Mirza Kazlagida and Kenan Bajraktarevic by the end of the season.
  3. Supervision by the Football Association of BiH at all football matches of the First League of FBiH by the end of the championship.

“If they do not urgently comply with the stated requests of clubs, we are unique in the position that we will not play the 23rd round of the First League of FBiH and we will then consider the next steps in order to have the regularity of the competition,” as said in the statement.


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