Bosnian talks about the Shooting in Munich

bosnian in munich“Everything resembled on the war in BiH. Helicopters flew over the city, the sounds of police sirens and ambulances echoed. Citizens were in total panic and fear. This was horrible to see,” told Damir Trumic, a Bosnian who lives and works in Munich.

As he said, after yesterday’s shocking attack on a shopping center “Olympia”, the entire Munich, which is the third largest city in Germany, got blocked.

“The situation in the city is, to put it mildly, alarming. The police is on every corner. Public transport is not operating and the police asked citizens not to leave their apartments. I can only say that this is the largest police action in Germany in the last 10 years,” said Trumic.

According to the latest official information by the Munich police, at least 9 people were killed while at least 10 people got injured. The attackers, one of whom committed suicide, initially opened fire inside, but then also in front of the mall.

“Imagine so many people seeking refuge in one moment and all the people who were in the city at that time had no transportation to their home because the city was blocked within half an hour, and a general disaster was created in the city in a short period of time,” said Damir.

He confirmed that the city traffic is still suspended, while several roads in Munich are blocked.

“Every exit and entrance to the city is completely blocked. I found out through media that one attacker committed suicide, and that they are still looking for a couple of them who were involved in this attack,” stated Trumic.

(Source: avaz.ba)

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