Bratic: The Situation in BiH might get out of Control, stronger Support from the International Community is needed

”The document that the party caucus of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) submitted to the National Assembly of Republika Srpska (NSRS), as well as the conclusions, reminded me that this is not an invitation to dialogue, but on the contrary, that it is a monologue of politics that came to a standstill that brought me back to the dark period of the nineties, ” said Senad Bratic, NSRS deputy.

To recall, the NSRS on Tuesday harmonized the conclusions rejecting the request of the High Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Valentin Inzko to return the orders to those convicted of war crimes.

“I thought that I should warn my colleagues, deputies, that supporting this way of conducting politics is pure adventure, which no one in this area needs,” told Bratic.

He also referred to the latest statements of the Chairman of BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, which he considers to be the culmination of disrespect for the Dayton Peace Agreement, the BiH Constitution, and “especially the authority of the High Representative in BiH who is the supreme interpreter of the civilian aspect of the Dayton Agreement.”

“In this way, nothing good can come out in this area. This has already gone to an extremeness that requires prompt action by the Office of the High Representative (OHR), led by the High Representative, and much stronger support from the international community, if we do not want peace in this area to be called into question,” Bratic stated.

As he pointed out, he did not want to interfere in the work of the OHR or the High Representative, but “the minimum that the High Representative and the OHR should have done by now is to at least pass a law on banning genocide denial in BiH”.          

“That authority and dignity of the international community represented by the Peace Implementation Council (PIC) must not be questioned because I am afraid that in that case, everything can get out of control, and anyone normal in this area does not want that,” deputy Bratic noted, BHRT writes.


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