Brcko: New Damages Caused by Natural Disasters

brcko damagesOn the today session of the government of Brcko District, a decision on emergency action to assist people with regard damages on the roofs of family houses and farms was issued. In addition, the decision on acquisition of glass for windows, which were destroyed in yesterday’s storm, was issued as well.

“We agreed that the business will be led by the Department of Refugees, Displaced Persons and Housing in coordination with the Department for Professional and Administrative Affairs, the Department for Regional Planning, Department for Public Affairs and the Office for the Public Property.”


Their task will be to organize the job on a daily basis for all family houses and business. In addition, they should in a certain way protect the property against a possible deterioration or to repair damage of the roofs, which would result in further destruction of buildings due to the rain”,  announced Mayor of Brčko Distrikt Anto Domić.

In 21st Brcko local community, the damage to the family and economic objects and agricultural crops have been reported.

(Source: Fena/photo Vijesti.ba)

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