British Soldier lied about the Heroic Deeds during the War in BiH?

soldierBritish soldier Simon Buckden (44) is accused of fraud and falsification of documents in the UK after it was discovered that, among other things, he lied about his role during the war in BiH, as reported by the Daily Mail.

In letters in which he asked for help, Buckden stated that he had a series of heroic endeavor in BiH. He also wrote about how he allegedly tried to save a child who died at his hands. He described the death of his comrades and burning of civilians.

This British soldier called himself the superman and stated that he was a member of the Special Forces, but he mostly did administrative tasks in the British army.

He denied six counts of the indictment on the local court in Leeds. During the trial was stated that Buckden attracted media attention with his stories of heroism and thus got financial benefit.

After he sent numerous letters to various addresses in Buckden, several businessmen took pity at him as well. One of them paid holiday for Buckden in the amount of 2,000 GBP.

(Source: focus.ba)

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