Switzerland continues to support Programs in BiH worth 20 million CHF

swiss meeting BorovacSwitzerland is committed to continue cooperation with BiH with an emphasis on strengthening economic cooperation and encouragement of Swiss investors to invest in the country with a truly great economic potential. Swiss Ambassador in BiH Andrea Rauber Saxer stated this during the inaugural visit to the State Minister for Human Rights and Refugees, Semiha Borovac.

She informed Minister Borovac that the new strategy of Swiss cooperation with BiH is at the stage of approval, but it has already approved the financial framework within which Switzerland will annually allocate 20 million CHF in projects to help BiH in the next four years.

Ambassador Rauber Saxer stated that she is aware that the pace of implementation of projects is significantly accelerated and results on the field are much more visible in the mandate of the Minister of Borovac, emphasizing that this is particularly evident in the field of implementation of the Regional Housing Program.

Minister Borovac emphasized that she especially appreciated projects that are following the Regional Housing Program in terms of ensuring conditions for sustainable return, in which Switzerland is one of the key donors.

โ€œTo provide a roof over head is not a sufficient guarantee nor condition for the return. I’m glad that this fact is recognized by our partners from Switzerland. The projects of sustainable return, or economic empowerment of returnees, give meaning to the Regional Housing Program, and they allow them conditions to stay and survive on their pre-war address,โ€ said Minister Borovac.

It was jointly concluded that these projects have a reflection on the general economic situation in our country, and especially in the area of creation of new job places.

Ambassador Rauber Saxer emphasized that diaspora represents a large economic potential of BiH. She welcomed the announcement of Minister Borovac that BiH should soon get the Policy of relations with the diaspora, which will be the first document to institutionalize cooperation with BH diaspora.



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