BURCH University Students visit the Children of the Pediatric Clinic

10957.8026f41bStudent Association of Faculty of Education, on 24th of November ahead of the Statehood Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina visited the Pediatric Clinic in Sarajevo.

Student Association was formed in October of this year and is planning to implement a variety of social activities and projects. The first action of the association was implemented on November 24th on the occasion of the Statehood Day (November 25th) Bosnia and Herzegovina when the students brought gifts and spent the day with children who attend school at the Pediatric Clinic.

With this action, students brought in a ray of happiness and joy for children who are separated from their classmates and having difficult moments during their treatment.

Statehood Day is a very important date for us. Students carefully selected the date of the action in order to help sick students with sincere hope that it will contribute to the development of patriotism and love for our country and fellow citizens.

Children are our treasure, our future and the obligation of all of us is to help them and make their childhood more happy. Therefore, we have to donate a fraction of attention and spend with them certain moments, bring them a moment of joy and happiness which they will certainly return back to us.

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