Burton Calls on Finding Lasting Solution for the Unique Citizen Master Number

osce 1 (1)The Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH Fletcher Burton welcomed the fact that a short-term solution has been found that enabled a three-month old baby girl born in BiH to go abroad to seek emergency treatment at a clinic in Germany.

He encouraged members of the Parliament to reach a compromise regarding the unique master citizen number for all newborn children, which would allow the issuance of identity documents.

“While the decision to allow the travel of Belmina Ibrišević to Germany is an important step forward, this issue is at the same time much bigger than the specific case of any individual. It is urgent to resolve the issue of the unique master citizen number for children born in BiH. Without that, they will be faced with many negative implications-this impacts their freedom of movement and their right to health care’’, said Burton, who met with representatives of the relevant institutions in BiH.

Burton pointed out that representatives in the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH have to do everything that is in their power in order to reach a compromise and implement the decision of the BiH Constitutional Court from 2011.

“170 days remain to achieve this. The OSCE Mission to BiH is ready to lend support to the relevant institutions in any way in the framework of its mandate. Human rights is at the very center of our work and efforts to find a lasting solution for this burning issue have to be doubled’’, said Burton and announced from the OSCE Mission to BiH.

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