Deputy Mayor Čović With “DM Drogerie Market” Employees in Cleaning and Environmental Action

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith the aim to awaken environmental consciousness of citizens, and to jointly contribute through volunteering in socially useful projects, employees of “DM Drogerie Markt” took part in a cleaning and environmental action yesterday. They donated over 1.000 working hours to charity.

The cleaning action was supported by Deputy Mayor Dr. Ranko Čović. Together with the employees of “DM Drogerie Markt”, they cleaned up the environment around the river Dobrinja Potok in the early morning.

Deputy Mayor Čović said the decision of the Board and Advisory Committee and the Health Cities Network of the World Environmental Organization, from 10 October 2007 the City of Sarajevo was named as the full member in the IV stage of the European Healthy Cities Network of the World Health Organization.

“Because of this, we have an obligation to get our citizens closer to the goals of such decisions. One of them is participation in such actions’’, said Čović.

According to Adisa Huskić, representatives of “DM Drogerie Markt” are trying to draw attention to the public on the importance of taking care of our environment through the cleaning action, and to donate a working day to encourage employees to contribute through volunteer work the development of local communities.

“We hope that in this way we would motivate a larger number of citizens to take similar actions, and through joint action we will take care to preserve the environment’’, said Huskić.

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