Burton expressed his support to BiH High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council

Chief of OSCE Mission in BiH Fletcher Burton talked yesterday with the Director of Secretariat of BiH High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (VSTV) Admir Suljagić about the reform of BIH judicial sector.

Burton, who was accompanied by Chief of OSCE Ireland, ambassador Eoin O’Leary talked with Suljagić about the situation of reform of judicial sector of BiH ,and about the key role of VSTV in the work of Judiciary.

‘What every nation in any country need is the trust to judicial system, and BiH VSTV has the key role in building that trust’, said Burton and added that independent, responsible and efficient judiciary must be supported in BiH.

Burton said: ‘Politics must not interfere in the judicial system and all measures must be undertaken to secure the independence of the Judiciary. It is crucial for strengthening the rule of law of BiH and accelerating BiH road towards the EU.’

They talked about the upcoming project of OSCE in the field of prosecuting the war crimes in BiH, which is financed by the government of the US, the UK, Switzerland, Norway and Italy.

Suljagić noted that VST V is giving its full support to project that has the aim of improving the efficiency of courts and prosecutor’s offices in prosecuting the war crimes and decreasing the number of unresolved cases.

It is expected that the project starts during this month.


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