Canadian Honoring to BiH on the Occasion of the Statehood Day


With continuously celebration of the Statehood Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in Canada, we are reminded of the First State Anti-fascist Council for the National Liberation of BiH (ZAVNOBiH) Session at which, on November 25th, 1943, the millennial statehood of BiH, as well as its territorial integrity, was restated and affirmed in Mrkonjic Grad.

In Canada, we are always proud to recall the BiH patriots who opposed fascism and affirmed the historical and legal continuity of the state of BiH. Serbian and Croatian nationalist projects aggressively attacked the state of BiH, attacking the values of ZAVNOBIH: statehood, territorial integrity, and society. They wanted to ruin BiH. But BiH’s statehood was defended along with territorial integrity. That is why we express our gratitude to the patriots who have defended the state of BiH from the last aggression. And they defend it even today. From Canada, we state that all nationalist anti-Bosnian projects have been defeated.

A prominent member of the Canadian Parliament and a member of the Canadian-Bosnian Friendship Group in Parliament, Mr. Bob Bratina sent a congratulatory message on behalf of the Government of Canada stating: ‘’City of Hamilton and Canada are blessed by the presence of a large and distinguished community whose families come from BiH. Bosnians in Canada and the world mark the establishment of modern statehood that embodies the many principles Canadians enjoy. Bosnians in Canada work on developing and prospering their homeland, but also make a significant contribution to Canada’s development. As someone who has benefited from knowing the Bosnian community in Hamilton and Canada, I refer you to my best wishes for your special day! Congratulations to all, Many Thanks’’!

Mayor of the City of Hamilton Fred Eisenberger wrote the following in his congratulatory message on the occasion of the Statehood Day: ‘’On behalf of the City of Hamilton and my City Council colleagues, I would like to express my warm support for the Statehood Day celebration in BiH on November 25th, 2019. I would like to recognize and acknowledge the great contribution of the Bosnian community in the City of Hamilton. BiH should be proud of its contributions to the world and its determination to support democracy. The Bosnian community has made a tremendous contribution to the richness and diversity of the City of Hamilton. The Bosnians have been generous supporters of all that is of Canadian value. I am glad to see that you have chosen Canada to be a home for you and your families. BiH can be proud of your generous legacy in this country. I wish you continued success in Canada and the City of Hamilton,’’.

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