Canton Sarajevo is paying more than RS to the Single Account of the Treasury of B&H

KSExperts from the Faculty of Economics Sead Kreso and Muamer Halilbasic, the Prime Minister of Sarajevo Canton Elmedin Konakovic and Minister of Finance Jasmin Halebic introduced representatives of the media with the study “Analysis of the position of the Canton Sarajevo in the distribution of revenues from indirect taxes in B&H”, which was prepared by the Economic Institute Sarajevo at the request of the Government of Canton Sarajevo.

“A study on the distribution of revenues from indirect taxes brings expert analysis of the situation, volume and value of economic processes in Canton Sarajevo as well as analysis of collection and distribution of funds realized from these taxes,” explained the Prime Minister Konakovic.

“The study showed that there is a drastic difference in the relationship and position of the Canton Sarajevo in relation to the rest of the country. Canton Sarajevo predominantly finances even other cantons, because it paid more resources at the treasury single account than the entire Republika Srpska,” said Prime Minister Konakovic.

He announced that he is planning to organize a meeting next week where will be called the premieres of the cantons, representatives of the federal and state government, presidents of the parliaments of the FB&H, and even other relevant political structures in order to starts working on correcting the detected anomalies that the country currently has in a broader discussion.

Minister of Finance Jasmin Halebic said that they will address the study to the Federal Ministry of Finance. According to the Law on Public Revenue in 2016 is planned to distribute about one billion and 280 million BAM, and according to the current criteria they are more geographically – demographic, or static rather than dynamic. The inclusion of economic criteria would get a positive effect, because gray economy could be suppressed.

Economic experts Sead Kreso and Muamer Halilbasic, who participated in the preparation of the study, believe that the existing law in this area has exhausted its capacity, and that it is necessary to look for a new solutions, and in the study are offered examples and experiences of other countries. For step forward are not only sufficient individual changes, but radical and determined reforms.




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