Car of the Year chosen in Sarajevo

carsIn the organization by AUTO Media Group, an eighteenth ‘Choice Car of the Year “in BiH was held in Sarajevo. The solemn ceremony took place in the Youth House – Skenderija where, in addition to the cars, other categories related to car branch found their place as well.

Public relations are of a great importance to business, and in the category of PR manager title of the best one went to Neven Novak (OPEL).

The best Web site with local “ba” domain was www.volvocentar.ba

The Special Award for contribution to environmental protection was given to company Guma M from Mostar, and the best project is Položivozački.ba – Driving Schools Life Line of Sarajevo.

The best driver in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016 is Salih Ljubijankić from Cazin.

The award for contribution to traffic safety received the Agency for Traffic Safety of the Republika Srpska.

The most difficult part represented the decision on the choice of best cars. Summing up the results, the title of Car of the Year in BiH took the Mercedes-Benz E-Class (301 points), followed by the Volvo S90 / V90 (300), Mazda 3 (295), Renault (246), Mitsubishi Lancer (183 ), Suzuki Swift (151), Ford KaPlus (111), Fiat tipo (103), and Lada Granta (84).

(Source: akta)

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