Caricatures against the corruption: 10 authors awarded with 400 BAM

Transparency International (TI) BiH, NGO whose mission is to fight the corruption in BIH finished its project whose aim was to raise the awareness about the corruption and its consequences on society in BiH, as well to encourage the activism of the young people to fight against the corruption.

As a part of the project, TI BiH organised a competition of caricatures and drawings that show the problems of corruption in BiH and mechanisms to fight the corruption.

Two hundred twenty three authors applied for a competition in the period from 24 December to 15 January.

Three- member jury: Lian Von Wantoch from the US Embassy in BiH, Sandra Dukić artist from Banja Luka and Ivan Korajlić, from Transparency International BiH selected the best works, and authors were awarded with 400 BAM, and their art will be exhibited in Sarajevo, Mostar and Banja Luka.

Awarded Authors are: Dobrunaj Abidin, Filip Andronik, Milena Berić, Amir Ćatić, Adi Habul, Zdravko Jandrić, Džejlana Karaman, Ninoslav Kovačević, Adnan Smajić and Branko Vukojević.

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