Reception on Occasion of Brazilian Independence Day Held in Sarajevo

brazil_flag_mapThe Brazilian Ambassador to B&H Jose Augusto Lindgren Alves organized a reception in Sarajevo last night to mark the independence day of Brazil. His wife Edne Alvares de Sousa accompanied him.

Brazil’s Independence Day is celebrated in the memory of 7 September 1822, when Brazil officially declared its independence from Portugal.

The reception was attended by a large number of officials from the political and social circle in B&H, as well as members of the diplomatic corps.

Ambassador Jose Augusto Lindgren Alves recalled that Independence Day is marked in honor of the declaration of independence from Portugal, from since Brazil has developed into a country of tolerance of many nations.

‘’We are celebrating Independence Day during a very difficult time for the international community and I wish to emphasize our strong wish for the conflicts in the Middle East to not escalate and that peace would prevail in that area’’, he said.

He stressed that Brazil participated in many festivals of film, theatre, music and sport, and not only in Sarajevo, but also in other cities in B&H. Many Brazilian tourists also come to B&H to enjoy its beauty.

He also recalled that Brazil would host the World Cup, and that B&H citizens would not need a visa to enter the country to attend this sports event.

(Source: Fena)

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