Cartoon Projections, Drawings and Gift Packages for Migrant Children in Bihac

Number of migrants in Bihac is recording a steady increase. However, numerous activities have been organized with the aim of helping migrants to deal with their problems thanks to the Red Cross and other good people.

“Yesterday, we had around 500 migrants at lunch, and that number is constantly increasing. A new group of about 50 people, including children, came last night, and it is very difficult to estimate their exact number in Bihac. We are currently working without police protection and staying among them, we have a lack of food and hygiene products that are necessary, and the situation is getting worse every day,” said Selam Midzic, the secretary of the Red Cross of the City of Bihac.

At the moment, citizens of Bihac are providing largest assistance with their donations, but they noted that the state needs to activate its system and act.

According to him, the number of women and children in the facility varies.

“We had 30 children this weekend, but there were only 9 children on Monday, and the reason for that is that 3-4 families left the facility and tried to cross the border. They are trying to cross the border and Croatian police is returning them. What will happen if Croatia decides to completely block the border is the real question,” noted Midzic.

Although they work in inhumane conditions, workers of the Red Cross and many other volunteers are trying to make the stay of migrants in Bihac dignified and nice, especially for the most vulnerable groups.

Thus, they organized cartoon screening for all children a few days ago, in cooperation with students and professors from the Textile Department of the Faculty of Engineering of the City of Bihac. They also created drawings on concrete and paper together, and distributed gift packages prepared by volunteers from donations of citizens.

Moreover, mothers and other women received hygiene packages as well.

“We are working on creating the conditions to gain the confidence of migrants and approach them in different ways. We are planning to organizing conversations with mothers and women in general, about their problems and the ways we can help them. Also, we are planning to activate psychologists and gynaecologists in order for the female population, as well as their children, to receive proper care,” stated Midzic.

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