The Export of Salt from Tuzla to Qatar officially started

One of the most famous regional brands “Tuzla salt” has been successfully placed on the market of Qatar. The export was realized under its own brand in a recognizable package with certain adaptations for the market of Qatar in Arabic and English language, and the export of larger quantities is planned every month by the end of the year.

“We achieved cooperation with one of the oldest retail chains, the FFC Family Food Center, whose General Manager Mohamed Gamal Moustafa noted that he decided to import Tuzla salt after an extensive market research in BiH, after which he was convinced in the quality and great market position of this brand from Tuzla,” said Vedad Halilovic, the Director of Export at the Direction for Sale at AS-Holding.

Preparations and implementation of complicated procedures for certification followed after that, as well as other obligations requested by the state of Qatar. The result of all the efforts is that Tuzla salt is now sold in around 80 stores, and that it is part of the Ramadan offer for consumers there. Placement on the markets all over the Gulf Coast is expected soon as well.

Solana Ltd. Tuzla is one of the oldest companies in BiH and our oldest food industry. The process of salt production is conducted in accordance with the so called “Closed circuit” principle, which results in complete protection against any kind of possible external influences and contaminations. The salt is exploited from salt water that is delivered directly to the factory, and then processed and packed without human hand touch or any other external influences.

Tuzla salt can be found in numerous domestic and foreign products with its idyllic ratio of healthy ingredients, and its most famous brand is a 1 kg package as a necessary part of every household in BiH. Solana Ltd. is absolute leader in the domestic market. Besides Tuzla salt, they also offer Dietetic salt, Tableted salt, Nitrite salt, as well as Industrial Untreated Salt, Do-do spice, and Distilled Water.

Solana Ltd. operates in accordance with an integrated system of management. They implemented standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 22000: 2005, HACCP, Kosher and Halal.


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