Central Bank of BiH informs Citizens on Counterfeit Money

Regarding the latest media announcements about the appearance of counterfeit money of the convertible mark in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially when it comes to the so-called movie money, which appeared in circulation, and even the advertising its sale, the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH) wants to point out the fact that it is the only authority giving the consent to reproduce convertible banknotes, which is regulated by the Decision on conditions under which the banknotes and coins of the convertible mark may be reproduced (Official Gazette of BiH, 17/17).

This Decision stipulates that, without the prior consent of the CBBH, both-sided reproductions of KM banknotes are allowed only under the condition that the length or width of the reproduced banknote is 200% of the one or more, or 50% or less, compared to the original size of the banknote, because in that case there is no risk that such reproduction in public may cause confusion what it is the real KM money. For any reproduction that does not meet the above requirements it is necessary to have the written consent of the CBBH. In no case has the CBBH issued a consent for the production and use of reproductions of KM banknotes in actual or approximately equal banknote dimensions. Identical conditions have been set for the reproduction of EUR banknotes by the European Central Bank. The CBBH especially emphasizes that, regardless of the inscriptions on the “movie” money, their size, visibility, and even the general appearance of money, production, obtaining and putting such money into circulation are the criminal offenses.

When it comes to counterfeit KM money in general, so far it has been shown that counterfeits are of very poor quality, and can be easily identified by checking security features. The CBBH invites citizens to be informed about the security features of KM banknotes.

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