Cerkez: The Introduction of VPT Certificates will lead us to normal Life in BiH

“The advantages of VPT certificates are that in that way we reduce the spread of the virus to a certain extent,” Goran Cerkez, Assistant Minister of Health of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH), pointed out.

Vaccinated people reduce the spread of the virus by up to 60%. On the other hand, you have possibilities. Not only that you can get vaccinated, but you can get tested every day which means you are safer at the moment and can claim that you don’t have the virus so the transmission of the virus itself is reduced. It is very important, not only for mutations but for the general health of the population. At this time a large number of people are engaged in health issues and issues of covid, so we have situations that people suffering from many other diseases are neglected. We are the last country in the region and Europe to introduce this rule. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe with its Resolution 3283 has just spoken about the importance of introducing the 3G rule as it is called abroad. Any country that does not protect the health of its people can be held accountable. Secondly, this is the beginning of a return to normal life in this country, which means that you will no longer have to limit the number of people in stadiums, theaters, taverns, catering, tourism. “

He explained that it has not yet been agreed whether the mentioned certificate will be valid for six months or a year.

When it comes to hospital capacities, he mentioned that lately,they have 500-600 people in the hospital system.

“This is the last five weeks. Just like between 3.000 and 3.400 people get sick on a weekly basis. It is acceptable because the health system can respond to it well. However, the question arises if we get into a situation like the Republic of Croatia now, how would our health system respond, it would be very difficult.We have a limited number of human resources in our health system and these are the problems we face. Currently, we have 7.000 people who are in home self-isolation and this needs to be monitored daily. That number is large. The number of doctors in primary health care is small for so many people. “

Weak control of the measures

When asked where was the virus during the summer, he replied: “The virus was also present during the summer, but people were mostly in the open. And that open space is certainly something that allows a low number of patients. As soon as autumn comes, as soon as the colder weather comes, we shut down and in a way make that jump appears right away. But, I would say that a large number of people now wear masks and respect measures. There are people who have taken this situation very seriously. “

The unvaccinated people are not stigmatized

“We often invoke human rights, freedoms. Your freedom ends on the edge of my freedom. Each state has an obligation, a right,and a responsibility. Every state has an obligation to protect the health of its citizens, to protect and ensure a functioning health system. When the health system does not would respond to this pandemic you can sue before the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights. We do everything in a legal way. It is obvious who should implement this protection of public health.We have an epidemic, clearly prescribed measures, someone who determinesthem, how they are determined, and those are very restrictive measures. But, the fact is that in our country people always talk exclusively about rights, never about obligations. The population should respect the measures that were adopted because the population must be protected from infectious diseases, and this is a very clear thing. “

“It has been proven that you have a milder picture, which is also very important. You stay home, you do not burden the health system. We must give other people the opportunity to be treated. We now have a decision on whether to return to normal life quickly or continue with all of this.

“I agree that stigmatization should be avoided and we are just avoiding it with the VPT rule. It is very important to note that no one must be vaccinated, it has to be everyone’s decision. However, it is sad that in the 21st century we do not trust science.”


Source: Federalna

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