Mehmedagic and Commander Platzer discuss cooperation between BiH Intelligence and Security Agency and EUFOR

Director of the BiH Intelligence and Security Agency (OSA BiH) Osman Mehmedagić met today in Sarajevo with EUFOR Commander – Operation Althea in BiH, Major General Alexander Platzer.

The meeting focused on cooperation between the BiH Intelligence and Security Agency and EUFOR. They also talked about the general security situation in BiH.

The Director of OSA BiH thanked the EUFOR Commander for their support in maintaining a secure environment in BiH and for supporting the overall efforts and comprehensive strategy of the European Union in BiH.

Both OSA and EUFOR hope that successful cooperation and communication between these organizations would continue in the future.

The OSA Director wished EUFOR Commander Platzer success in holding the upcoming EUFOR exercise “Quick Response 21”, which will be held from September 26 to October 1, 2021, in southwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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