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Innovations in the digital Era as Focus of the Conference ”Sarajevo TechLab”

The third ”Sarajevo TechLab” conference, with the motto “the power of innovation”, gathered more than 150 IT participants. The goal of the conference was to provide a place to promote knowledge and new technologies. The conference was organized by BH Telecom, which launched a public call for startup companies that, by using advanced technologies, can contribute to building new services and a better digital society. BH Telecom provided 15 million BAM for that purpose.

The path from innovation to sustainable business is full of challenges. But, strong will, good team, and perseverance, can lead you to the list of the Financial Times, which just listed one company from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). By creating software products, Ministry of Programming is the driving force in global innovation.

”We create new products around the world with a cream startup scene, with people from Silicon Valley, from Sweden, Stockholm, from all strongest environments in the world. We are constantly looking for new ideas and concepts and looking at how to do those best things, ” told Resad Zacina, Ministry of Programming.

“We strive to create digital communication solutions that will enable all users of our services to communicate with their end users on the preferred channel or device,” said Dino Ibrahimovic, Infobip.

Mate Rimac, a world-famous name in the world of innovation and technology, also addressed the conference participants. Rimac spoke about the challenges he faced when starting a business, and emphasized that one of the biggest ones was certainly the lack of money.

”When you talk to an investor you have to have answers to the market, to the competition, how customers think, how you intend to commercialize your idea, what is the plan, how much money do you need for it, business plan… Very, very, very much can be done without money. ”

On the challenging path from a traditional communication provider to a modern digital company, BH Telecom is aware of the need for innovation. Thus, this company provided 15 million BAM for the next three years in order to support young people and innovative ideas and knowledge, BHRT writes.


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