Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina met with Canadian Prime Minister


Zeljko Komsic, Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa.

The interlocutors assessed this meeting as very significant, as this is the first time that the two countries’ officials are meeting at the highest level.

Bilateral and friendly relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Canada were discussed, with an emphasis on enhancing that cooperation in the areas of energy, economy and education.

Particular emphasis was placed on the potential gasification project as well as the supply of liquid gas in BiH. The interlocutors agreed that the Agreement on Pension and Social Insurance should be brought to an end, as it is of great importance for Bosnian diaspora.

President Komsic thanked Canada for the support it has provided to Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens so far, as well as support for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s integration processes on its path to membership in Euro-Atlantic integration.

Komsic also thanked the Prime Minister for the humane acceptance of Bosnian citizens in Canada, estimated at around one hundred thousand.

They discussed a strategy that would enhance the economic and tourism potential of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in whose realization Bosnian diaspora living in Canada would play a crucial role.

The importance of reopening the Honorary Consulate in BiH was emphasized, which would greatly facilitate and enhance the bilateral cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Canada so far. The topic of discussion was the need to sign an agreement on the promotion and protection of foreign investment as a first step towards significant investments by the Government of Canada in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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