Cheaper Tickets every Weekend for Trebevic Cable Car


The City of Sarajevo and the Public Company Sarajevo decided that from tomorrow and every following weekend until March 1st this year, all citizens of Bosnia-Herzegovina will be able to buy cheaper tickets for the Trebevic cable car.

This is an emergency measure that has been adopted as a form of support to the residents of the capital of BiH due to high measurements of air pollution in the winter days, the City of Sarajevo stated.

All BiH citizens will be able to buy a two-way ticket for the Cable Car tomorrow from the price of only 3 BAM.

Sarajevo Mayor Abdulah Skaka points out that this is one way to make it easier for Sarajevo residents to have days when pollution is high. “We get information on high air pollution every day.

We want to make it easier for citizens to get out into the fresh air, to enjoy the air spa on Trebevic. Last year, we donated this action to only a portion of the population, but this year we will enable all BiH citizens with the intention of encouraging them to use the weekends in a nice way and to visit Trebevic Mountain,” said Skaka.



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