Choice of ‘’100 Biggest Companies in BiH” on 4 July

saThe project ‘’100 biggest companies in BiH” aims to promote successful BiH economic entities and the economy as a whole, which is made up of large, medium and small companies from BIH that will be published in special double issue of a business newspaper in July/August and given an award of recognition.

The most successful are chosen according to the results of business activity in 2012.

“100 biggest companies in BiH” is the only project of this kind at the level of BiH, has credibility and is accepted as one of the business entities from BiH. The ranking is done objectively and on the basis of indicators provided by the company, the total income, net benefit generated, exports and investments, and from this year a ranking list is created in partnership with the TEC Agency.

“Until now we have assembled the rankings based on suveyes and data that we have elivered from companies from BiH. We want to show more realistic results of the operations in BIH companies, and we created a ranking list this year in partnership with TEC Agency, using a search or segmentation base, realized through the cooperation with agencies AFIP (Agency for Finance, Information and Intermediary Services d.d. Sarajevo_ and APIF (Agency Intermediary, Information and Financial Services a.d. Banja Luka). The methodology of the choice is simple: data will be processed for all legal entitites from the FBiH and the RS who have submitted their annual accounts for 2012’’, said today at the press conference in Sarajevo the editor of a business newspaper Alena Ahmetspahić-Fočo.

According to the rankings special edition of business newspapers “100 biggest companies in BiH’’, she added that the first five companies achieved a total revenue of 4.17 billion KM, and that the 5 largest exporters in 2012 achieved 1,64 billion KM of exports, while the 5 biggest generated a total net of 393 million KM. According to these estimates, the 5 biggest investors in 2012 invested a total of around 1 billion KM.

The project is being prepared and realized in cooperation with the BiH Foreign Trade Chamber, Association of BIH business people, FBIH Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce of Brčko District, and nonprofit organization “”Kupujmo i koristimo domaće, kvalitetno proizvedeno u BiH” (Buy and Use Local, Quality Products from BiH”.

The President of the BiH Foreign Trade Chamber Ismet Kumalić   said that this project strengthened the position of relevant and useful sources of information for foreign companies and investors and to promote the success of BiH economic entities and the economy in its entirety and said that the Chamber will continue to support this project.

At a conference for journalists, Eldin Hadžiselimović, board member and Director for sales ASA Groupation gave an address on behalf of ASA Prevent Groupation. He said that ASA supports this project because it is committed to a fair and transparent view of the BiH economy.

Also, the Director of Union Bank Senad Redžić, who, among other things, said that this project fits into his business, because the focus of the bank is economy, gave the support of the project “100 biggest companies in BiH”.

“And we consider this project a classical promotion of BiH business’’, said Redžić.

(Source: Fena)

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