Ćiro Blažević: We Have to Believe in a Placement to the Euro

ćiroMiroslav Ćiro Blažević watched  the match between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Andora and he made a brief overview of what happened at the Bilino Polje stadium in Zenica.

The legendary coach was satisfied with the game and the score the Dragons achieved in the match against the bottom team of Andora . He believes that BiH can get to barrage which could take the nation to the European Championship in France.

“We played properly. Winning and scores are the most important in this moment”, Blažević said for, expressing a regret because of the scores in Brussels.

“There is just a slightest chance but we mustn’t give up all until the end. Perhaps it all goes in our favor. The players must believe in a placement to the European Championship”, Blažević pointed out.

The situation in the neighborhood is not as good, as Ćiro says. Croatia went from the first to the third position in the Group.

“Nobody is satisfied here; the defeat saddened all of us. The situation is too negative. To be honest, I fear that the most” Blažević added.



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