Company Madi is the Regional Leader!

madi2The company Madi from the city of Tesanj has become the regional leader in chicken production in the Western Balkans, and is the fastest growing regional brand in this field. The previously said was confirmed by the director of company Maid Jabandzic in the interview for the Fokus portal.

Madi company continues to develop and conquer new markets and its products are already well placed on the markets of Serbia and Montenegro, and will soon conquer other markets as well.

“Madi is the largest chicken producer in the Western Balkans. When it comes to chicken, we are the fastest-growing brand in the region,”said Jabandzic.

“Madi has an entirely rounded production process. This is very important in terms of traceability, which is one of the most important factors when it comes to quality. Madi will keep investing great efforts to make its products recognizable for quality, as it was the case so far,“ Jabandzic added.

(Source: akta)

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