The Company Smart Hotel designed Solution for Smart Hotel Room

hotel2At the first regional fair of interior and exterior Sarajevo4Walls that was held in Zetra, the great attention of visitors was drawn by the booth of the company Smart Hotel, which is dealing with the design of smart hotels and hotel rooms.

Demands of hotel guests are increasing with the improvement of technology, but the competition is stronger as well. Therefore, the company Smart Hotel decided to offer a smart integration of all network services and communications in a unique hotel system to their customers.

The engineer of the company Amir Polimac said that BiH needs more fairs of interior and exterior designs where small businesses will have the opportunity to show their work.

Smart Hotel is the first company in BiH that is dealing with automation of all the facilities in the hotel through the KNX protocol.

“KNX protocol is intended only for energy saving and automation of the entire system. This means that if a hotel is paying electricity bill of about 1,000 BAM, we can guarantee them a saving of 50 to 60 %. This is a system that was designed by major producers such as Siemens, Schneider, and Jung,” said Polimac.

Polimac noted that new information and communication technologies can improve and enrich the contents of the hotel, as well as the overall experience for the guest, which significantly affects business operations of the hotel.

“We united everything needed for a hotel, management of smart rooms, automation, IP TV’s, audio systems, professional Wi-Fi system as well as some other software. Services of a smart hotel offer a range of benefits and incentives that attract guests, contribute to the recognition of the hotel and differentiation from the competition, increase the reputation of the hotel, affect the categorization, and thus the price of the hotel as well,” said Polimac.

When we talk about the technical aspect, a smart hotel represents a collection of the most advanced hardware, software and communication technologies that can be applied in the field of hospitality. Currently, there is only one smart hotel in BiH.

(Source: ekapija.com)

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