What was concluded at the Plenkovic-Covic Meeting?

Chairman of the Presidency of BiH Dragan Covic met with the Prime Minister of Croatia Andrej Plenkovic at Banski Dvori. After the meeting, they noted that they will consider the possibility of a review of the verdict pronounced in the case Prlic et al.

Plenkovic stated that they discussed the situation after the second-instance verdict of The Hague Tribunal in the case of Prlic et al., they expressed their regret over the suicide of Slobodan Praljak and discussed the situation among the Croats in BiH after the verdict.

Plenkovic noted that he will visit Mostar next week and meet with Croats in BiH, HNS and other associations of war veterans.

“We will send a calming message and express solid support from Croatia. Croatia supported BiH in its most difficult times, from the referendum on independence to a change in the balance of forces, and creating preconditions for signing the Dayton Peace Agreement at the end,” said PM Plenkovic.

He added that historical facts are most important for Croatia.

“We have also discussed the possibility of a possible legal challenge through the revision. Next week, a special session dedicated to the end of the work of The Hague Tribunal will take place in New York, and the President will clearly express the positions of Croatia at that meeting, regarding everything we talked about,” stated PM Plenkovic.

“We have to make a balance and start with our life down there, to establish the equality of the Croatian people with the other two peoples. This is a process that lasts for a long period of time,” said Chairman Covic.

Covic also noted that everyone should be held responsible for their crimes, but when it comes to this verdict, he believes that it is necessary to listen to those who understand international law and to see on which elements to act on.

(Source: klix.ba)

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