Construction of the Eco Zone Korićani-Vlašić to begin this Year?

ecoConstruction of the Eco Zone Korićani-Vlašić at the plateau of Vlašić in the village of Korićani, whose value is estimated to around three billion EUR, should begin this year, stated the general manger of the program and director of Tomix Ltd. Kneževo &TLG Ltd. Travnik Zoran Vujinović.

According to Vujinović, the construction depends on the support from both entities, with whom negotiations are in final stage.

“The country, i.e. the entities, must be partners in this project,” Vujinović said, highlighting that support exists because everyone will benefit from the project and that the only thing they ask from the entities is the guarantee for the construction of an airport, not financial support.

The Eco Zone, project on the border between the two entities, foresees construction of an airport, golf terrain, luxury villas, rehabilitation clinic, artificial lake, aquapark, educational center, multiplex buildings with apartments and business space.

It was highlighted in the feasibility study conducted earlier and presented in late January this year that the projects in Eco Zone have an accentuated social character because in the long run they ensure continuous work for a large number of employed in primary, secondary and tertiary activities and enable the influx of fresh foreign capital, which results in accelerated development of the Kneževo Municipality, RS and the Travnik Municipality, Central Bosnia Canton, FBiH, creating enormous VIP market for many participants, especially agricultural producers in the field of healthy food production.

12784216_1111246765592945_1958818294_nAccording to Vujinović, the project is based on three foundations: education – construction of an elite university, health – rehabilitation clinic, and sports-recreational foundation.

Direct and indirect benefits from the implementation of this project are huge. Direct benefits reflect in 50.000 workplaces, indirectly even twice more in secondary and tertiary fields, Vujinović stated.

Also planned is the construction of two stadiums, indoor and outdoor, as well as courts, pools and everything necessary for training of ultimate athletes.


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