Construction of the Memorial House for Defenders of Sarajevo is in Full Swing

siteMayor of the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo Semir Efendic visited two construction sites on Zuc Hill with his associates, the site where a memorial house for the defenders of Zuc and Sarajevo, and Golo Brdo, will be constructed.

“There is an initiative to mark the entire area with adequate memorials since the end of the war until today, but there was no concrete construction until this year. Construction of the facility have started this year, and the foundation stone was laid on the 8th of June, on the Day of Defense of the Municipality Novi Grad. This year we allocated 50.000 BAM, and 130,000 BAM is planned for this project from our budget next year,” said Mayor Efendic, adding that it is planned to finish the construction in 2017.

When it comes to the locality of Golo Brdo, municipality bought 88 hectares of land, where the construction of the central memorial is planned, which will be constructed in cooperation with the Memorial fund of the Sarajevo Canton and Sarajevo Canton, and the conceptual design for memorial complex Zuc has been recently adopted.

“We have already started with the activities on this plateau, in order to mark next year’s Day of Defense of the Municipality Novi Grad at the site of Golo Brdo, which is a site known for the biggest number of the aggressor’s grenades that have fallen on this area during the war. We are currently working on flattening of the terrain and preparing it for the spring when the grass will be seeded. Central memorial will be there, and when we finish it, more than five thousand people will be able to gather on this place,” said Mayor Efendic.

Moreover, important sites of death of the heroes of defense, including Enver Sehovic, brothers Panjeta, Fadila Odzakovic Zuta and many other heroes of the defensive-liberation war will be arranged.

(Source: klix.ba)

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