Construction of Sarajevo Resort is Progressing

sarajevo_resort_osenikThe implementation of the project Sarajevo Resort that started a month ago in Osenik in municipality Hadžići is progressing. The 32 ground floor objects are built and only the coverage remains to be done. The Kuwaiti investor, of the company Gulf Real Estate is investing in building this elite residential area, which bought in the attractive location of Osenik 160 000 square meters of land.

The complex is intended for Kuwaiti tourists. The total value of the project is about 75 million dollars. The construction works will be implemented by the local company in several phases during the next 18 months.

The project foresees the building of 140 luxury housing objects of various sizes. The resort will have an artificial lake, indoor swimming pools, restaurants, sports facilities , shops and everything else that is needed to make tourists feel good in this area. 3000-4000 visitors will be able to stay during a year in the resort.


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