Construction of the state prison will start in autumn

BiH Ministry of Justice has published the main tender for construction works and the deadline for sending applications is 15 May, and after that evaluation of offers will start and the company that will do the job will be selected.

‘If everything goes as planned, the construction will start in autumn 2013’, said to FENA spokeswoman of Ministry of Justice of BIH Marina Bakić.

According to her, creating the condition for beginning the main works was

According to her, creating the conditions for the start of the main works were preceded by a number of activities to prepare a new project and its audit. Extensive technical and construction preparatory work is finished, including construction of access roads and lighting, geo-mechanical tests and demining, making test wells, and numerous other activities. The tender for the supervision of works has also been published

Bakić states that the original shift of deadlines happened due to revision of the old and creation of the new project which was a condition for obtaining the loan from the Development Bank of the Council of Europe.

She pointed out that the new project fully meets the European prison standards and the costs of its development were funded by the European Union.

“Costs of the construction of the new project are around 77 million BAM, but it is important to emphasize that the costs did not increase. New project envisages building twice as large object than the object that was previously planned, so one cannot talk about any price increase. In addition to that, cost of building access roads, construction of higher levels of safety, normalization of prison life, increased energy efficiency measures, as well as other costs that are necessary to build the building, are now included in the project “, said Bakić.

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