Construction of Underground Garage across the City Hall soon

05_podzemna_garaza_stari_gradIn 2016, the Stari Grad Municipality is going to implement great projects with its own forces, and the biggest project is the construction of underground garages across the City Hall, worth six million BAM.

In Stari Grad, the municipality which covers the largest area in the Sarajevo Canton but with quite ramped possibilities of new construction, the focus in 2015 was on infrastructure, investments in reconstruction and repairs, and improvement of living conditions for its residents.

The biggest investment project in 2015, which has been awaited for 30 years and which brought a unique exterior to the Baščaršija core, from Bravadžiluk to Slatko ćoše, is the reconstruction of the Baščaršija Square.

New facilities were also constructed, and seven families got a new roof over their heads with the construction of the facility for social housing in the Čadordžina Street, and protégés of the Institute “Mjedenica” got a sports playground after 50 years.

It was highlighted that the Stari Grad Municipality will keep working on improving quality of life of its citizens, building mutual relations and trust, and nurture the spirit of tolerance and co-existence, preserved and respected in Stari Grad for centuries.


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