Is the Blockage of Financing of BiH Institutions possible?

Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina Denis Zvizdic confirmed to journalists on Tuesday in Sarajevo that at today’s session of the Council did not discuss the decision on the temporary quarterly financing of BiH institutions.

The decision was foreseen to finance state institutions by the end of September, as the budget of institutions and international obligations of BiH was still not adopted, although the Council of Ministers unanimously supported the proposal of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury and sent it to the BiH Presidency in late November last year.

He noted that this was not considered because Minister Vjekoslav Bevanda did not attend the session for health problems, but Zvizdic says he wants to calm down all those concerned with funding because such a thing will not happen since the Constitution and the laws have been defined so that blocking cannot occur. He reminded that it was prescribed that if the budget was not adopted, the budget from last year will be used on the principle of temporary funding, adding that no one is prepared to violate the Constitution and the law for any reason.

He announced that the said decision would be adopted at the next meeting of the Council of Ministers, but at the same time invited the BiH Presidency, which is an authorized proposer, to submit the budget to the parliamentary procedure and thus complete the budget issue.

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