Continuance of Structural Dialogue Next Week

brckoThe plenary session on structural dialogue on justice between the EU and BIH will be held on Monday and Tuesday, 8-9 April in Brčko, and on the agenda are planned discussions on issues tied to reform of the BiH judiciary.

The meeting will by the Chairman of the working group for justice and internal affairs Bakir Dautbašić and the Director of the General Directorate of the European Commission for Enlargement Pjer Mirel.

Among the topics is the implementation of BiH strategies for the fight against war crimes, establishment of a court of appeal at the BiH level, criminal jurisdiction of the court, and equality of citizens under the law.

After the first day of the meeting on 8 April, the announcement would be forwarded to the media, and on 9 April there will be a planned statement during the break in the work of the fourth plenary session.

Dautbašić and Mirel will address journalists at 12:30 in the building of Brčko District Assembly.

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