Continuation of collaboration between B&H and Saudi Arabia

The Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives of the Parliament Assembly of B&H, Denis Bećirović  talked today with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in B&H Eid Mohammed A. Althakafi. During the meeting, Chairman Bećirović and Ambassador Althakafi agreed that political relations between B&H and Saudi Arabia are good, and that there is space for certain improvement of the collaboration in other fields, such as the economic and investment field.

Bećirović said that in the aim of further improvement of the collaboration of two countries it is of crucial importance to intensify the exchange of visits on the highest levels, as well as to intensify meetings of businessmen and to continue with signing interstate agreements. Deputy Chairman Bećirović especially emphasized the importance of direct foreign investment into our economy and invited the representatives of Saudi Arabia’s funds and businessmen to continue investing in B&H because of the variety of possibilities in the economic field.


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