Factory ‘Sava’ Exports More Than 90 Percent of Production to European Market

sava semberijaThe factory for processing fruits and vegetables “Sava Semberija” in Bijeljina has contracted exports to the European market for more than 90 percent of this year’s production, said the Director for the factory Jagoda Krsmanović.

Last year, ‘Sava’ exported 4.500 tons of processed fruits and vegetables.

Krsmanović expects that production and placement of finished products this year will be larger, and negotiation is in progress.

Like last year, from 80 subcontracters in the Semberija this food industry provided 2.000 tons of raw materials, mostly peppers, while 5.000 tons has been agreed to import from Serbia and Macedonia.

Krsmanović said that the raw materials are high quality, but that weather conditions this year threaten agricultural production in the Semberija.

She recalled that last year there was a drought, and this year there is rain.

“I hope that farmers planted larger amounts from the contracts with the factory and that, despite the weather conditions, to comply with the agreement’’, said Krsmanović.

There are 60 employees in the ‘Sava’, and during the season there are 300 employees.

(Source: Nezavisne Novine)

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